You are welcome to fly in to pick up your puppy.  The
airport closest to me is Hobby Airport in Houston,
Texas and we can meet you there.  We recommend
Delta Airlines for your precious cargo.  Your new
puppy can fly in the cabin with you.  If you are unable
to keep your new puppy in the cabin, Delta provides a
climate controlled environment.

Southwest Airlines will also let you keep your new
puppy in the cabin with you.

Or you can drive in to pick up your new puppy.
Parti Yorkies In Texas

Specializing in Colorful Parti Yorkies

Blonde Parti, Golden Parti, Chocolate Parti
Sable Parti, Black and Tan Parti

Exceptional Quality Toys and Tiny Toys

We are expecting
a new litter of  
puppies around
the first week in
April.  You can
see them on the


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